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About This Blog

This blog is mainly just me in a sense trying to figure out what the hell is going on here. On a grandiose scale, it’s a sort of search for truth, or truths, about life, the universe and everything. On a normal scale, its just me writing down my thoughts, my experiences & my unfolding understanding of life and leaving behind a usable trail with which I can see and build upon the progression of my perception of things. This will probably start scattered, perhaps remain scattered, and I place no rules, as to provide minimal restrictions and hopefully allow for maximum flexibility in these writings. But I believe some more coherence and direction will show up as I get into it, and some focus might come about. We’ll see.

Most of the science I will leave to the scientists, although I do believe I often apply the scientific method, critical thinking and skepticism in my approach. On good days at least. What I will try to do here is practical philosophy combined with a subjective account of what insights might seem to be revealed from transformative and insight practices such as meditation, not the least of which is trying to find out for myself, if there is such a thing as Enlightenment (or some radical transformation of consciousness) and what that might actually turn out to be.

I want to challenge myself (and others) on how accurate can I be in these writings and in our description of reality and the world. This is an endeavor in which I will fail repeatedly, but hopefully it is an iterative process and I will get better over time. I will come to conclusions that I will later discard. I will change my mind, guaranteed. I will likely not be as eloquent a writer as I wish to be, but I will hopefully improve over time as well as go back to update posts and links (though I intend to keep visible record of any changes or additions I make).

If I am making any sense or even contributing to this conversation, I am not only standing on shoulders of giants in doing so. In fact, I am still claiming up some of their backs. Part of what makes trying to figure life out so difficult is that I feel like I am constantly catching up on what many before me have already figured out and express in ways infinitely more elegant than I can. When I first encountered Ken Wilber and Integral Theory I was as bummed as I was excited. I realized that I am barely scratching the surface with my little philosophy notebook, and all the clever conclusions I’ve come to about life have already been understood and surpassed by others. Ken Wilber put together one of the most extensive, comprehensive and elaborate maps of the human endeavor and of the world that I have ever seen, combining knowledges from nearly all facets of life and sciences. But that was a relief too, I didn’t have to figure out everything myself, I speed up this process with the help of some of the world’s most brilliant minds. Yet I can’t help but want to continue even though it seems I can never catch up fully. At the very least I want find out some truths for myself, and validate what others are claiming. Perhaps I will accidentally end up contributing to this whole thing in the process.

I want give a nod to Mark of Meditation Stuff, whose blog was in large part an inspiration for this one, and for the decision to make my process and progress a publicly visible thing.

Any and all feedback is welcome, whether in comments or via email.

If you want to know more about me and this blog, check out the Primer. If are looking to dive in to the good stuff, check out Draining The Bathwater.

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